Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Augie Nieto is Still Going Strong

Had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours one on one with Augie Nieto last week in his beautiful home in Corona del Mar, CA. Have seen him on the MDA Telethon many times and read much of his material on ALS in the past but never met in person prior.

The man has an aura of energy around him that truly inspires. I am certain that the incredible $28.7 Million that he has already raised through Augie's Quest, is just the beginning.

We all wish more celebrities and business leaders would get behind the ALS Cause and raise awareness to new heights. This man has put his time and his money into opening up a huge group of followers that previously had no idea what ALS was. I am not sure any celebrity could have done as much as he has for the cause. TV and movie people come and go, but this man continues to inspire.

He looks great physically and we discussed a number of topics of great interest to me. Augie highly recommends the very recently FDA approved for ALS Patients NueRx Diaphragm Pacing System. He credits it's use to keeping him off a trache for six years until very recently.

It's all about the fundraising with this gentleman, and he has a myriad of opportunities to get involved. I do make small contributions to the MDA, Augie's Quest, and ALS TDI. However, I have chosen to make our main contributions of time and money to ALSA and the Merfeld Family Foundation to provide College Scholarships to Children of Parents with ALS. It's not important where an individual makes a contribution, as all of the groups above, and many others, are worthy. Just make a contribution of time, money, or whatever you can provide.

Keep up the great work Augie, we'll be seeing you around for many years to come. Of that I am certain.